I went to Dr. Thomas for some pain in my back and neck that I have had for years.  He was able to solve the immediate issues in the first visit, but he also helped me to figure out what was causing the underlying problem to begin with.  As a direct result of his suggestions (regular stretching, adjusting my chair at work to provide adequate support, etc.) I have been pain free for more than 6 months.  Dr. Thomas really went above and beyond to find the root of the issue and was not satisfied with a “come in every 2 weeks for an adjustment” type of approach like the Drs I have worked with in the past.

John F.


Dr. Thomas is the best!  He takes the time to get to know you, your medical history, and determines the cause of your discomfort.  He gives you exercises to continually do on your own that only helps with your progress!  I have been seeing Dr. Thomas as needed for over a year now, and wouldn’t go to anyone else! Thank you!

Arlene S.


Dr. Thomas has taken the time to discern what the cause of my discomforts have been.  He uses state of the art machines to give the best possible treatment.  He is not one to keep you coming, but treats the problem in a timely fashion.  I have been given stretches to help maintain the adjustments and an offer to explain how to use gym equipment correctly.  I have found him to be professional and takes the time to really know what the problem is and how to address it.

Beverly A.


I started seeing Dr. Thomas shortly after he moved into his new office.  I went in for two reasons: (1) I had a knee injury that I was trying to avoid surgery on, and (2) I’ve had one form of lower back pain since high school soccer.

Ryan T.

He recommended strongly that I get imaging done for the knee, but agreed to help me rehab and strengthen around the knee to avoid further injury until I was ready to get an MRI.  As a result, my eventual post-op rehabilitation was way above average and went really smoothly.

On the back, Dr. Thomas adjusted me about every other time I came in for the knee and gave me a regiment of stretches.  For the first time in the better part of a decade, I’m actually without back pain.  My favorite part was that I’m pretty positive that he was sincerely trying to make sure that I didn’t have to come back and see him.  He wasn’t just looking for a regular patient, which ironically, is why I’m now a regular patient.


Dr. Thomas is extremely knowledgeable and personable.  He took the time to explain what my problems were and how Chiropractic can help me.  I felt very comfortable in his office and would recommend his practice to anyone looking for a great doctor!

Dan P.


I had a very good experience with Dr. Thomas.  He spent a lot of time to determine the cause of my pain, and used a number of devices (laser, manipulation, exercises) to bring about lasting cure.  His background as a personal trainer helps him prescribe ways for the patient to stay well; he is not about having me come back for months with continuing problems.  His cost was very reasonable, especially considering the amount of time he spent with me, and my insurance covered most of the cost.  Thanks, Dr. Thomas!

Leslie R.


Professional, friendly staff and service. If you want a GREAT experience, please make an appointment with this office. You will not regret it!

Gina H.


Dr. Thomas is amazing! He takes time with his patients, identifies the root cause of pain and provides thorough treatment along with tips for daily self-care to improve overall health.

Rachel M.


Dr. Thomas is very thorough, knowledgeable and highly skilled in his profession. He has helped me in the rehabilitation process from two sports related injuries. I give Dr. Thomas the highest marks possible.

Mike L.


Dr. Thomas is very professional and gives great value for the time and cost.

Leslie R.


Dr. Thomas is very knowledgeable and attentive. I had a low back injury I suffered from for several year. He was able to resolve within a matter of weeks with his physical therapy, knowledge and expertise. I highly recommend him.

Lauren C.


I loved the service!

Bernie C. -